Remedy from Russia

Remedy from Russia

Sometimes when we have problems with our health, natural remedies are solutions to our problems.
People are often very suspicious when it comes to natural remedies, but for this one we can guarantee you that it is good, since people in Russia have been using it for so many years.
We will now give you the recipe, and it’s up to you whether you want to try it or not:
Just to mention that ingredients are pretty cheap and since it is easy to make, we advise you to always have it in your house.
400 milliliters of olive oil
1 egg
60 grams of natural beeswax
Boil the egg and then use the egg yolk and squeeze it. Pour the olive oil into the pot and then add natural beeswax.
Cook it until the wax melts completely and then add slowly the egg yolk. Stir this mixture until you mix it all together well.
Then after you are done put this mixture into a jar, but be careful with wax, stir it until you make sure it is not on the bottom of the jar.
We cannot name you every disease and health problems this remedy cures, but we will just name you few, just to show you how good it actually is.
Hemorrhoids It is good in case you have a problem with hemorrhoids. Just put this remedy in your anus before you go to sleep. Do this for eight to ten days and you will see the difference right away.
Burns and ulcers – If you have a problem with these things, just put this remedy on the affected area before you go to sleep and that’s it. If you want to you can use cotton wool.






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