Can home remedies help children with ADD?

Can home remedies help children with ADD?

Attention Deficient Disorder or ADD is a troublesome disorder for parents whose children have had this diagnosis. The child is hyper, interrupts, does not listen, and has learning and coping difficulties. To cope with such behavioral problems, doctors have been prescribing powerful drugs to children. These drugs are very much along the lines of the drug called ‘speed’ – which the law does not permit to be taken as a recreational drug, but is permissible if prescribed by a doctor to young children! Ah, the irony.

Regardless, the drugs prescribed bring about a drastic change in behavior within a half hour of being taken, but has debilitating side effects with prolonged use, such as the risk for stroke, heart attack and even death.

As there are high risks of chemical drug abuse, it is understandable that parents are seeking natural remedies instead of such dangerous prescriptions.

One of the first things recommended to do is to eliminate white processed sugar, coloring, and preservatives from the child’s diet as much as possible. This alone can affect a difference in behavior.

Make sure your child has a high protein breakfast so that the brain gets enough nutrition to work throughout the day, such as scrambled eggs, yogurt, granola bars, soy, and milk. Also add more fresh fruit and vegetables to the diet.

Check with the doctor for potential allergy and experiment by avoiding potential allergens such as chemical additives, eggs or berries. Allergies to milk products can trigger ADD.

Massages! Of course they are relaxing techniques which will help relax nerves as well as muscles.

Speak to your child’s doctor about giving nutritional supplements like vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, ginseng, gingko, or passionflower.



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