Blood type diet

Blood type diet

When we talk about diet, we talk about the food what to eat not to eat. Had we ever thought that why everyone need different diet plan? Why one diet plan does not sit to every one?

Answer it depend on our body elements which are not similar to others body element. Out of thousand elements one element is blood. A research shows that if we design diet based on blood group, most of the time it suits to the same blood group of other person.

Basic logic is true.

Main element which flows in our body & deliver required supplement to other organs is blood. So we are going to share some basic knowledge on blood diet.(this does not mean drink blood…)

Blood type O: people who are having blood type “O” face Tummy troubles so they should take high protein diet.

Blood type A: These people do have sensitive immune system, so they should involve food which increases immune power such as ginger, beans and legumes.

Blood type AB: These people tend to have low stomach acid so their digestion is poor. They should eat green vegetables & avoid caffeine.

While writing this article I recall our old “vaidh” traditional medicine practitioner. They use to hold your hand & use to do “Nadi- Parikshan” . That was also blood type base body analyses.

“Nadi-parikshan” is one type of Ayurveda diagnosis method, based on the diagnosis “vaidh” uses to suggest medicines. Our ancient culture is very strong and all disease medicines are there. Just we need to search & read our old books instead researching new from start.



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