What is the Sara Sampaio Look?

What is the Sara Sampaio Look?

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, the Portuguese bombshell made sure that numerous heart rates went into the danger zone.

Sara Sampaio is a 26-year-old Supermodel from Portugal, and she has been in the business for a decade, believe it or not. However, her latest Valentine’s Day Campaign photo session for Victoria’s Secret proved that she still has the looks many younger Supermodels can only envy.

In the picture we presented to you, which is just one of the three smoking hot pictures she took that day, you can see Sara’s casual lounging style on a sofa of red to match the bright red shade of Victoria’s Secret sexy red knickers and lacy bra set. Perfect for the Valentine’s evening with the loved one. Furthermore, this fashion combination also includes a sassy white cardigan with a snuggly and chic vibe that says “Smoking Hot but also Cool”.

In the second picture from that session, the hot Portuguese can be seen in a jaw dropping, silky, claret red number, while nibbling on a card that says “LOVE”, which is actually the message of the campaign.

And, the final picture, and the one that is the most dangerous for those with a weak heart, you can see Sara in a pose that shows her insanely hot curves in a fancy criss-cross style knickers.

However, even though this might sound unbelievable for many, Sara actually claims that she doesn’t look like that in real life. She said that as a model, and especially after 10 years in the business, she knows exactly how her body will look from any angle so she knows how to pose so that she looks hot and desirable. Also, models have the best makeup, the lighting in the studio is perfect, and their hair stylists can do magic, so it is understandable that if you see a Supermodel on the street, she will probably not look like she does in the magazines.

Still, many will agree that regardless of the makeup, lights, and posing, Sara most likely looks stunning hot in real life too, and her style is one to be admired.






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